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NGPS heading to Connooga February 27 thru March 1

North Georgia Paranormal Society is heading to Connooga 2015 in Chattanooga Tennessee!  What is Connooga you ask?  Here is an excerpt from their web site…


NGPS will be participating in 3 panels, 2 on Friday night and one on Saturday night at the convention.  We will also have a table setup with all our gear.  We are not going to be at Connooga to sell anything.  We just want to be able to meet people and share our stories and evidence with them!  Please make sure you come up and see us!  Should be a great time!

Heading back to Old South Pittsburg Hospital

Yes NGPS is heading back to Old South Pittsburg Hospital but this time it is for a meet and greet with the new management of the hospital.  I love the idea of this meet and greet as it will bring us, the new management and others paranormal enthusiasts together.  I am looking forward to meeting others that have a passion for the paranormal and ghost hunting.  Sharing stories and different investigative methods will be very interesting.  As a bonus for coming to the meet and greet all of us will be able to stay overnight in the hospital to do a little ghost hunting.  It will not be the best environment for a ghost hunt with 50 people there but it will definitely be a lot of fun.  If you have never been to this hospital to investigate, I encourage you to get some people together and go!  For more information check out the official website of the hospital below.

What is the paranormal?

Hey this is Shawn at NGPS. I just wanted to post and share a little bit about what the paranormal is to me. Paranormal is simply something that is beyond normal explanation. That is why the paranormal field is not just about ghosts. It covers UFOs, Sasquatch, creatures, etc. My main interest in the paranormal field is ghost hunting. We investigate claims of ghosts or spirits and try to disprove the claims with the ultimate goal of trying to help people. While I enjoy the excitement of trying to catch some evidence of a ghost or spirit, helping someone figure to what is really going on is what this is all about. You may ask how I got involved in the paranormal? Well, I have not had personal experiences at all. I started watching the show Ghost Hunters and the idea of proving or disproving paranormal activity intrigued me. So when my buddy from high school formed NGPS I naturally gave him a call. I am probably the most skeptical of our team as I have still not had any personal experiences. I have heard some of the EVPs we have caught and I love that, but I really want the personal experience! Being touched on the arm, pushed, pulled, whatever it may be. We head to one of the most haunted locations in Tennessee next weekend. The odds are in my favor! I will post more on what happens to our team. Until then, have a great day!!